Goldman Sachs affiliate again faces fine for naked short selling

Accidentally Released – and Incredibly Embarrassing – Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in ‘Naked Short Selling’

Part 10 of Illegal Naked Shorting Series: Legal Shorting of Stocks is a Loser’s Game but Illegal Naked Shorting Transforms It into a Winner’s Game

Part 9 of Illegal Naked Shorting Series: The Risk/ Reward of Shorting Versus Buying Stocks is Extremely Unfavorable

Part 8: Illegal Naked Shorting Series: Who or What is Cede and What Role Does Cede Play in the Trading of Stocks?

Part 7: Illegal Naked Shorting: DTCC Continuous Net Settlement and Stock Borrowing Programs Have Loopholes That Facilitate Illegal Naked Shorting

Part 6 Illegal Naked Shorting: The SEC’s Regulation SHO is Intended to Prevent Illegal Naked Shorting, But is Ineffective

Part 5 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation: Traditional Shorting Compared to Naked Shorting (Both Legal and Illegal)

Part 4 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation: Who are the Key Players?

Part 3 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation – Prime Brokers and the DTCC Have a Troubling Monopoly on Clearing and Settling Stock Trades

Part 2 in Series on Illegal Naked Shorting’s Role in Stock Manipulation- Conventional Wisdom on How Short Sales are Executed

Part 1 in a Series of Reports on Blatant, Widespread Stock Manipulation that is Enabled by Illegal, Naked Shorting

Podcast: ShareIntel CEO David Wenger on how public company executives can track short sellers

The World According to a Free-Range Short Seller With Nothing to Lose

Who Is Behind DryShips' Naked Shorting?


GeckoSystems Praises SCOTUS Decision Re: Brokers’ AI Exploitation of

A company’s battle to show it was a victim of abusive short-selling

Steve Wynn lashes out on ‘unconscionable manipulation’ in the stock market

SEC Charges Three Individuals and Broker-Dealer With Violating Market Structure Rules

The Penny Stock Chronicles

Securities Attorney Explains How Shorting Impacts Cannabis Stocks

Counterfeiting Stock

Illegal Naked Short Selling Appears to Lie at the Heart of an Extensive Stock Manipulation Scheme

GeckoSystems Praises SCOTUS Decision Re: Naked Shorting Stocks & States Rights

BREAKING: High Court Says Federal Securities Laws Don’t Limit State Suits

A Wine Mogul Says Fidelity Cheated Him Out of Millions

Securities Attorney Explains How Shorting Impacts Cannabis Stocks

Wedbush fined $675,000 by Finra and Nasdaq for leveraged ETF trading snafus

A company’s battle to show it was a victim of abusive short-selling

Fed Eyes Margin Rules to Bolster Oversight

How The Big Players Manipulate The Stock Market

SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Improper Securities Lending Practices

2016 Goldman Sachs Settlement

Naked Short Selling: The Emperor’s New Clothes?

Engines of Growth; Benchmarking CEO-CFO Collaborations

Deep Capture Files Major Lawsuit Against the SEC

Journalist Sues SEC to Get Naked Short Selling Files

SEC Announces Charges Against Four Former Officials at Clearing Firm Penson Financial Services for Regulation SHO Violations

$2 Million SEC Fine For $5.7 Billion of Naked Short Sales by Wall Street Firm

Guidelines to Promote Transparency and Good Governance for Proxy Advisory Firms

Assault On Gold Update - Paul Craig Roberts

IMF - An Unrealized Systemic Operational Risk - Basis Point Group

Operations, Liquidity and Market Confidence - Basis Point Group

The Impact of Operations on Pension Funding Requirements

Regulators say 8 exchanges, clearinghouses potential threats to system, need strict oversight

Short Selling Brothers Agree to Pay $14.5 Million to Settle SEC Charges

OptionsXpress accused of skirting naked-short-sale rules

SEC Brings Knife to HFT Gunfight

Exclusive: SEC widens probe of exchange-traded funds

Getting to the naked truth

Market Manipulation in the Financial Crisis?

SEC Charges Options Trader for Illegal Short Selling Tactics

SEC Charges UBS With Faulty Recordkeeping Related to Short Sales

UBS Will Pay $12 Million for Short-Sale Supervision Failures

ETFs and the Present Danger to Capital Formation

On Capitol Hill Exchange-Traded Funds Scrutinized

Why New Growth Companies Aren't Going Public and Unrecognized Risks Of Future Market Disruptions

Insight: Brokers point fingers over "naked access" rule

SEC Seeks To Change Market Circuit Breakers

Suggested Guidelines for Public Disclosure and Dealing with the Investment Community

Insider Trading Policies: A Representative Sampling

Directors' and Officers' Questionnaire

Assisting Insiders With Federal Securities Law Compliance: A Guide for the Corporate Secretary

Planning and Preparing for the Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Manual for Solicitation of Proxies

Comment Letter to the SEC : Concept Release: Securities and Transactions Settlement

Comment Letter to the SEC : Use of Form S-8 and Form 8-K by Shell Companies

Comment Letter to the SEC : Security Holder Director Nominations

Comment Letter to the SEC : File Number S7-14-04; Mandated Electronic Filing for Form ID

Comment Letter to the SEC : Ownership Reports and Trading by Officers, Directors and Principal Security Holders

Comment Letter to the SEC : Agenda of the Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies

Comment Letter to the SEC : Proposed Rule on Interactive Data to Improve Financial Reporting

How the SEC Determines the Amount of Whistleblower Awards Under Dodd-Frank

How to Battle Short-Sellers

What Happens When Shareholders Socialize?

Cohan & Taibbi: Shut Down The SEC And Start Over

Phantom Shares (Bloomberg Television - roughly 30 minutes - 110MB)

Darkside of the Looking Glass: the classic naked shortselling primer

Naked Short Selling articles: from Bob O'Brien's Sanity Check

Mar 26, 2006 - Biovail story on CBS's 60 Minutes

Who Owns Your Stock?

Contact Your Regulator

Counterfeiting Stock

Disclosure Advisory Board Advocates Full Disclosure of All Public Company Shareholders

Roundtables Regarding Stockholder Rights and the Federal Proxy Rules

National Coalition Against Naked Short Selling

Making The Most of The IRO and IR Dept.

Criminal Charges Near In Stock-Lending Cases (free summary, subscription required to view full version)

Games Short Sellers Play by Bob Drummond, Bloomberg Markets (pdf format)

Senate report faults SEC on hedge fund probe

The Crash of 1929: Are We on the Verge of a Repeat? By Scott Thill,

Feb 23, 2006 - Robert Shapiro discusses naked short selling on CNBC

Market reform movement: headquarters for the grassroots, anti-naked shorting movement a pioneer in electronic stock locates (legal short selling)

Deep Capture the Movie: the sequel to Darkside of the Looking Glass presentation

Cramer Schools the SEC

CNBC, Cramer Schools the SEC


Getting out early: An analysis of market-making activity - Knowledge@W.P.Carey

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